What Consumers Should Know About Wildfire Insurance

Written on behalf of Brian Kabateck July 27, 2018 A record-breaking heat wave that hit Southern California not only brought high temperatures to the region, but it also brought wildfires. A fire broke out in Santa Barbara County dubbed the “Holiday Fire”, and a brush fire came dangerously close to

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California Leads Nation Towards Stronger Data Privacy

Written on behalf of Brian Kabateck July 13, 2018 California lawmakers recently established restrictions on the tech industry, putting in place a privacy bill that will give consumers better protection over their data. Governor Jerry Brown signed data privacy legislation that gives consumers more control over how their private information

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Smart Speakers and Privacy Concerns

Written on behalf of Brian Kabateck July 6, 2018 Smart speakers have exploded onto the market, with Amazon and Google being the driving force behind making them common items in our households. The Amazon Echo powered by smart artificial intelligence Alexa has become a popular item for people who are

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$1 Million Settlement for Insurance Bad Faith Involving Flooded Home

KBK attorneys secured a 7-figure settlement on behalf of a Beverly Hills couple who purchased a “Superior Property Policy” which allegedly offered top-of-the-line homeowners coverage for large losses. When the couple sustained extensive damage to their family home in 2014 from flooding caused by wind-driven rain, the insurance company offered

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When Antitrust Law Turns Anti-Consumer

Written on behalf of Brian Kabateck June 15, 2018 Consumers know that choice equals power, and consumer advocates who fight for consumers have seen choices slowly but surely disappear over the last twenty years. With a federal court’s approval of the AT&T merger with Time Warner, consumers just lost a

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Genetic Testing May Put Consumer Privacy at Risk

Written on behalf of Brian Kabateck June 4, 2018 Fears about the privacy of our data have become common ever since reports of credit monitoring hacks invading consumer’s privacy have come to light. Now websites like Ancestry and 23andMe which provide genetic testing to its consumers are under scrutiny for

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