Sexual Abuse

Kabateck LLP represents victims of sexual abuse who pursue civil action against a perpetrator and in some cases, additional parties.

While sexual assault and molestation can lead to criminal prosecution, a civil lawsuit is the only way that sexual abuse victims can recover monetary damages for the emotional and psychological harm they’ve suffered.

In some circumstances, a plaintiff can bring a claim against a third party in addition to the perpetrator. Examples include suing a school district if a teacher sexually abused a student or bringing actions against a city and its police department if an officer sexually assaulted a civilian.

A civil lawsuit can enact change, provide remedies and protects the private rights of victims. Although a lawsuit can’t undo the harm caused by the perpetrator, it allows victims to obtain compensation for damages which can pay for medical or therapy bills, loss wages, loss of enjoyment in life and provide a sense of vindication that can help assist with recovery and healing.

If you or a loved one has experienced sexual abuse you must learn more about your legal rights to receive compensation. Give one of our experienced personal injury attorneys at Kabateck LLP a call today to learn more about recovering damages and to explore your options. We can help you achieve the maximum compensation for the harm you or a loved one has suffered.

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