Mass Tort

A mass tort is a civil action that involves a large group of plaintiffs who’ve suffered injuries and consolidate their cases to sue one or a few corporations in state or federal court.

In U.S. federal courts, mass tort claims are frequently consolidated as multi-district litigation. While the plaintiffs may live in different geographical locations, they share a common injury or damage.

Mass disaster torts, mass toxic torts and consumer product liability torts are the main categories associated with this cause of action.

A mass tort action is different from a class action. In a mass tort action, each plaintiff has an individual claim resulting from unique damages. Each plaintiff receives his or her own, separate trial, unlike in a class action where the many plaintiffs typically are not considered individually and there is only one trial.

KBK has many years of experience handling mass tort cases and multi-district litigation.

If you or a loved one has experienced injuries due to a disaster, a dangerous drug or a defective product, contact one of our experienced attorneys at Kabateck LLP to learn more about recovering damages and to explore your options.

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