20th Century Fox’s Sex Offender Problem with “The Predator”

Written on behalf of Brian Kabateck September 7, 2018 Popcorn movies such as 20th Century Fox’s “The Predator” are designed to come with little controversy. The film is about a vicious fight between aliens and humans and is the fifth installment in the Predator franchise. However, a casting choice by

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Uber and Sexual Assault

Written on Behalf of Brian Kabateck August 31, 2018 Complaints and accusations of sexual assault have come from numerous Uber passengers as well as drivers. A recent investigation of the issue by CNN found that 103 Uber drivers across the country were accused of sexual assault or abuse. Since then,

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FDA Under the Microscope for Approving Dangerous Devices

Written on behalf of Brian S. Kabateck August 24, 2018 This summer’s scariest horror flick is the true-life stories of dozens of people who have experienced enormous pain and suffering because of dangerous medical devices. The Netflix documentary “The Bleeding Edge” presents harrowing accounts of victims who have suffered severe

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Trucking Companies Must do More to Keep the Roads Safe

Written on behalf of Brian Kabateck August 17, 2018 There’s a reason why many drivers are scared to share the roads with 18-wheelers. Large trucks are involved in one out of every 10 highway deaths and most fatalities involve passengers in smaller vehicles, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway

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Do Consumer Complaints Matter?

Written by Brian S. Kabateck August 10, 2018 Of all the personal injury cases over the years which have garnered media attention, the most misunderstood must be the “McDonald’s Hot Coffee” lawsuit. Few people know all the details from start to finish, only that a woman won a multi-million-dollar verdict

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Pedestrian Danger: Death by SUV

Written on behalf of Brian S. Kabateck August 3, 2018 There’s disturbing new evidence about an increase in pedestrian deaths involving one of America’s most popular vehicles. Sports Utility Vehicles or SUVs are contributing to a stunning rise in pedestrian fatalities, according to federal safety regulators, who apparently have known

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