Boeing Co. hit with two law lawsuits tied to Lion Air crash

Chicago Business Journal November 26, 2018 One lawsuit was filed on behalf of a 26-year-old woman, Dayinta Dyah Anggana, whose 54-year-old mother died in the crash. The plaintiffs in the second lawsuit include the 31-year-old widow and two daughters of Ibnu Hantoro, who also died when the Lion Air plane plunged

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E-Scooter Safety Concerns

Written on behalf of Brian S. Kabateck November 8, 2018 We are seeing a dramatic rise in the use of the electric scooters and segways as more cities embrace the use of environmentally conscious transportation. While these vehicles may reduce automobile traffic and parking problems, consumer advocates warn there are

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The Catholic Church’s Growing Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Written on behalf of Brian S. Kabateck October 19, 2018 Investigations into priest sex abuse allegations are underway in Catholic Church dioceses across the country. Earlier this month, the Diocese of San Bernardino released a list of 34 priests who faced accusations of child sexual abuse in incidents that date

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Are DA-Driven Consumer Lawsuits Doomed?

Written on behalf of Brian S. Kabateck September 22, 2018 District attorneys across our state are stepping up efforts on behalf of consumers in the wake of looming legislation aimed at gutting consumer protections against fraud, dangerous products and corporate wrongdoing. Over the past several years, DAs have filed numerous

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