Medical Interpreters Win Final Approval for $3M Wage Deal | Law 360

A big congratulations to KBK attorneys, including Brian Kabateck, Jerusalem Beligan, and Sheri Lalehzarian, for successfully securing a $3 million settlement for a group of nearly 1,500 medical interpreters seeking fair compensation for their hard work. The judge hailed the settlement as “fair, adequate, and reasonable,” providing justice to these

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KBK’s Shant Karnikian Authors Article for the Daily Journal

Shant Karnikian authored an article for the Daily Journal where he talks about the challenges in seeking compensation for victims of the Rolling Hills Estates landslides. “While strict liability may seem like a low threshold and easy to establish, whether a government entity bears responsibility for a landslide like the

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The Pajaronian | Watsonville flood victims to sue

The Pajaronian recently spoke with KBK partner Brian Kabateck and one of his clients who is one of hundreds of victims filing claims against the local Monterey and Santa Cruz counties for the levee breach that led to devastating flooding. “Yes there was a massive storm, no question about it,”

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Marina Pacheco Authors Article for Attorney at Law Magazine

Women in the Law: Marginal Progress and What We Can Do Moving Forward By Marina Pacheco As we mark Women’s History Month by reflecting on the vital role women have played in American history, it’s important to recognize that inherent biases plague all professions, and law is no exception. Although

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