Understanding Elder Abuse

A growing crisis in the care of older adults By Brian Kabateck Elder abuse is a widespread problem that often hides in plain sight. Data from the National Council on Aging (NCOA) shows that approximately 10% of Americans aged 60 years or over have experienced some elder abuse in the

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The Hottest Gift on Your List May Also Be a Fire Hazard

Understanding the dangers of lithium-ion batteries By Brian Kabateck Laptops, smartphones, tablets, portable power packs, wireless headphones, power tools, drones, scooters, e-bikes, and electric vehicles are the top Christmas items on this year’s wish list. If you’re shopping for holiday gifts — a big-ticket surprise or a little stocking stuffer

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When Your Wellness Drink Makes You Unwell

What you should know about kratom, the controversial herbal supplement sparking numerous wrongful death lawsuits By Brian Kabateck It’s good to take care of your health—to move your body, eat right, and find ways to calm and focus your mind in these busy, overstimulated times. “The concept of wellness has

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Medical Interpreters Win Final Approval for $3M Wage Deal | Law 360

A big congratulations to KBK attorneys, including Brian Kabateck, Jerusalem Beligan, and Sheri Lalehzarian, for successfully securing a $3 million settlement for a group of nearly 1,500 medical interpreters seeking fair compensation for their hard work. The judge hailed the settlement as “fair, adequate, and reasonable,” providing justice to these

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Rideshare Risks

What you need to know about assault incidents in Uber and Lyft By Brian Kabateck It’s hard to remember life before ridesharing apps—before a tap on your smartphone screen could show you all the available rides around you and get a driver to you in moments. A time before drivers

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The Kids Are Not Alright

States weaken child labor laws, putting kids at risk By Brian Kabateck “A troubling trend is brewing underneath America’s strong employment market: more children are working in dangerous jobs, violating the nation’s labor laws and putting their lives at risk,” CBS News reported in July. In just ten months, the

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