Traumatic amputation is the sudden loss of a body part such as a finger, toe, arm or leg due to an injury accident.

The loss of a body part most commonly happens in traffic accidents involving bicycles, trains and motorcycles or in workplace accidents that occur at a factory or on a farm. Other causes of amputations involve using power tools, firearms, explosives and fireworks.

At least 30,000 traumatic amputations occur in the US every year. Despite the physical trauma, there’s an emotional toll that traumatic amputations can cause. You will also need to relearn basic skills such as dressing, walking and eating.

If you or a loved one has experienced a traumatic amputation you must learn more about your legal rights to receive benefits which you are entitled to if your injury is due to a negligent party. Give one of our experienced personal injury attorneys at Kabateck LLP a call today to learn more about recovering damages and to explore your options. We can help you achieve the maximum compensation for the harm you or a loved one has suffered.

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