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Tuamu vs. Richmond Pacific Railroad Corporation

Our firm filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Richmond Pacific Railroad on behalf of the siblings and parents of a young man killed after crashing his car into a metal I-beam on a barrier in front of a railroad crossing arm. The decedent died after the beam pierced his skull. The lawsuit contends the beam, which was part of a structure built to shield the railroad crossing gate from trucks, was unauthorized and improperly installed, using scrap materials from the railroad’s junkyard. The dangerously damaged pile of metal wasn’t removed until after the deadly accident, when the defendants replaced it with a plastic barricade.

Montes vs. AmeriSourceBergen Drug Corp.

KBK represents a young man from Palm Springs who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a bicycling accident involving a professional driver. The cyclist was traveling westbound on east Vista Chino from Cathedral City to Palm Springs when he encountered a reckless and inattentive driver. The professional driver was in the course and scope of his job at the time of the accident. While the defendant driver has been categorized as an “independent contractor”, under California law he is viewed as an employee and/or agent of the logistic brokers who hired him to deliver medications.

Moreno vs. Twin Town Corporation

KBK represents the family of a man struck and killed by a drunk driving substance-abuse counselor in a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman’s employer, Twin Town Treatment Center.  Sherri Wilkins is serving a 55-years to life prison sentence for fatally hitting 31-year-old Phillip Moreno with a company car in November 2012 as Wilkins left her job at the Torrance counseling center. The family argues Twin Town Treatment Center failed to properly monitor Sherri Wilkins, who appeared under the influence of drugs and alcohol during the treatment sessions she facilitated.

Maldonado vs. City of Beverly Hills

KBK represents the mother and son of a pickup truck driver who died in a crash in Beverly Hills on the same steep street where two LAPD officers were killed in 2014. We’ve filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city on behalf of Maria Caridade Rodrigues, the mother of 25-year-old Gerbis Gomes, and his son, Leonardo Maldonado. On January 15, 2016, Gomes, who was driving south on Loma Vista Drive toward Doheny Road, lost control of his vehicle and struck a parked car. Gomes remained trapped in the wreckage for about 30 minutes and died at a hospital about two hours after the crash. Prior to Gomes’ death, two LAPD officers died on the same road after trucks lost control driving down the steep street, crossed the double yellow lines and slammed into parked vehicles. Despite these tragic deaths, the city has failed to properly address and remediate this dangerous condition.

Ortiz vs. City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Department of Transportation

KBK is fighting for justice on behalf of the family of a 57-year-old woman who was struck and killed in crosswalk on September 14, 2014. Our firm filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles, LA County LA Department of Transportation and the defendant driver. The decedent, Gloria Ortiz, had recently become a naturalized US citizen and was leaving a party celebrating her citizenship when she was struck in the Highland Park roadway as her family members watched in horror. The Ortiz family is suing these public entities for premises liability, arguing the roadway created a trap for pedestrians and drivers by creating a false sense of security. This roadway creates a trap for pedestrians by concealing the fact that this was not a safe place to cross, instead it’s a dangerous condition. The illusion of safety gave pedestrians a false sense of security because there is an existence of a vaguely visible crosswalk that is not easily seen by drivers.

Randall L. Souden v. PacifiCare Life and Health Insurance Company

Our firm filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of a man whose domestic partner died as a result of the lack of care caused by an insurance denial by PacifiCare Life and Health Insurance Company.  The lawsuit alleges the insurance giant wrongfully and in bad faith terminated health insurance benefits to a man living with AIDS. PacifiCare terminated payments for the man’s medical insurance while he was in need of continued care to treat his medical conditions. The company attempted to rescind the man’s benefits while it still collected premiums on his insurance policy. The man and his partner successfully fought PacifiCare in a Missouri court which ultimately found that PacifiCare’s claims were baseless. However, PacifiCare had interfered with the AIDS patient’s care resulting in the worsening of his medical condition and ultimately in his death. The firm filed the lawsuit on behalf of the man’s surviving partner.

Geoffrey Sagehorn v. Bechtel Construction Company, Sunpower Corporation

Our firm represents a man who contracted Valley Fever, a fungal infection that results in fever, chest pains and coughing, as a result of his employers’ negligence. Geoffrey Sagehorn was a construction worker at California Solar Ranch in San Luis Obispo who was exposed to a tremendous amount of dust and airborne particles. This exposure was a direct result of the Defendants’ failure to keep the worksite’s soil moist and prevent the Valley Fever spores from becoming airborne. As a result of his exposure to the spores, Mr. Sagehorn contracted the illness known as Valley Fever and suffers physical and emotional damages.

Burrei vs. Knotts Berry Farm

KBK is handing a personal injury lawsuit involving a 10-year-old boy who suffered a serious injury while riding a roller coaster at Knotts Berry Farm. The “Coast Rider” is marketed to youngsters as “the ultimate family coaster experience” and remains in service, despite at least two children being hurt on this roller coaster. In June of 2013, Carson Burrei and his family went on the Knotts Berry roller coaster for the first time. The locomotive came to a full stop when Carson began getting out of the ride. Suddenly the coaster moved forward, trapping the boy’s leg between the cart and the deck. The force of the motion ripped all the skin off his foot, fractured his leg and caused significant nerve damage. The amusement park staff did nothing to assist the child, who received emergency care from his father until medics arrived. Doctors had to reattach his tendons. After the surgery, Carson spent 3 months in a wheelchair and required months of physical therapy. According to an OSHA incident report, a 6-year-old child suffered a similar injury just a few months before Carson’s ordeal. We have the document that outlines that incident. Carson’s lawsuit contends general negligence, premises liability and emotional distress.

E.R vs. Monson Sultana Unified School District

KBK has filed five lawsuits against the Monson Sultana Unified School District on behalf of male victims whose genitals were unknowingly photographed (while they slept) by convicted pedophile, David Blancas, who was the boys’ 6th grade teacher and basketball coach at Monson Sultana Elementary School. The plaintiffs are now in their late teens and early 20’s. Blancas bought the boys clothing, jewelry, video consoles and sports equipment. Blancas would take the boys on road trips to basketball tournaments, amusement parks and other kid-friendly outings. They frequently spent the night in hotels. Unbeknownst to the boys, Blancas took pornographic images of their genitals at night, while the boys slept. During the course of the police investigation that eventually led to Blancas’ conviction of rape and sexual abuse, investigators found his computer hard drive with a trove of photographs. The young men are suing for emotional distress.

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