The Pajaronian | Watsonville flood victims to sue

The Pajaronian recently spoke with KBK partner Brian Kabateck and one of his clients who is one of hundreds of victims filing claims against the local Monterey and Santa Cruz counties for the levee breach that led to devastating flooding. “Yes there was a massive storm, no question about it,”

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Does Deepfake Spell Deep Trouble for Litigation?

AI-generated images and videos could wreak havoc as the legal field struggles to keep up with emerging technology. By Brian Kabateck Doctored images are nothing new. The first known manipulated photo dates back to the mid-1800s, only a few years after the invention of photography itself. Back in the day,

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New California Case Highlights Issue of Elder Abuse

By Brian S. Kabateck A recent lawsuit filed in Santa Clara Superior Court underscores the pressing problem of elder abuse and neglect in California and the country. The family of Richard Van Truong is suing a Bay Area nursing home for wrongful death and medical negligence. In December 2021, 71-year-old

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Will Climate Change Heat Up Personal Injury Law?

By Brian S. Kabateck A whopping 31 atmospheric rivers hit California this winter, delivering epic floods, record snowfall, and what seemed like endless wet, chilly weather. Then an early heatwave simultaneously brought Southern California’s first wildfire and the threat of flooding as the snowpack melts. These extremes and seeming contradictions

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When Skiers (and Stories) Collide

Gwyneth Paltrow Wins in Ski Accident Lawsuit By Brian Kabateck After the much-watched, tweeted, and memed eight-day trial last month, a Utah jury absolved Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow of responsibility for a 2016 ski crash, awarding her a symbolic $1. The collision occurred on a beginner slope at the upscale

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Is Social Media Harming Young People?

By Brian Kabateck In its many forms, social media is omnipresent in our daily lives. For many of us, it’s hard to remember when we didn’t routinely post, tweet, like, friend, and LOL.   And a whole generation of youth never did know a time before social media—they’ve been immersed in

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