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LA Sushi Restaurant Sues Over Tainted Rice


July 30, 2014 – Law360 reported that KBK attorneys filed a new lawsuit on Tuesday that accuses Farmers Rice Cooperative Inc. of selling “filthy, putrid, decomposed or substandard rice” to the Los Angeles restaurant, Jinju Sushi.

The proposed class action doesn’t include the number of class members but the complaint states the class includes any California resident who has consumed the FRC rice from April 28, 2010, through the present. The premium medium-grain “401 M” rice is sold under brand names, “New Variety,” “New Rose,” or “Imperial Rose”.

The owners of Jinju Sushi allege the “defendants store and maintain rice in such a fashion as to allow foreign substances such as insects, rodents and their soiling, bird remains and black mold to be present in its processed rice.”

Attorneys Brian Kabateck, Joshua Haffner and Drew Ferrandini represent the plaintiffs who claim in the complaint “that defendant’s exposure of rice to these contaminates violates food and drug safety sanitation regulations.”