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KBK’s Brian Kabateck files lawsuit on behalf of a family of a then 14-year-old girl who was abused by a fellow student at an East Bay high school that failed to implement security measures.

March 22, 2019

East Bay Times

The family of a then-14 year-old girl who they say was raped in 2017 by a fellow student at Clayton Valley High School is suing the school, alleging its leaders knew that the location of the assault was a known “sexual hangout” yet didn’t put in security measures that could have protected her.

“It’s been a nightmare. It’s something you would never expect you’d have to go through any time in your life,” said the mother of the girl, who this news organization is not naming because she is a victim of sexual assault and a minor. “To have your child at school and have this happen is beyond comprehension.” To read the full article, click here.