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Go Wireless latest corporation accused of rampant wage theft

Written on behalf of Brian S. Kabateck

May 26, 2017

Millions of American workers in a variety of industries have become victims of widespread wage theft. It’s an illegal practice that involves not paying employees for all of their work, violating minimum wage laws, failing to pay overtime or benefits and forcing people to work off the clock. Unscrupulous employers typically target low wage, low-skilled workers who live on the edge of poverty and are desperate to keep their jobs.

According to news reports, American workers are cheated out of more than $15 billion a year. A UCLA study found that in California alone there are $26.2 million in lost wages every week, which costs taxpayers in the form of having to pay out food stamps and other social programs to help those victims make up the difference.

Go Wireless Inc. is the latest retail company accused of wage theft and is the target of a nationwide class action lawsuit filed in Nevada. Go Wireless is a Verizon authorized retailer with approximately 500 Verizon Wireless stores nationwide. The lawsuit accuses the company of failing to accurately pay commissions earned and due to current and former employees.

Employees from Nevada-based Go Wireless are compensated in part by commissions earned on the sale of various items, including phone accessories and handset insurance.  As a result of a self-proclaimed “glitch” in the Go Wireless computer system, the lawsuit alleges that employees were not paid certain commissions earned and due. “Five years of my sweat, hard work, and dedication, at the highest level in my field, resulted in failure of getting paid what was owed and due to me,” said lead plaintiff Allan Herdemian.

This Class Action lawsuit filed by Kabateck LLP seeks compensation on behalf of the plaintiffs for unpaid commissions. The class members include those employees who worked for Go Wireless-run stores over the last 4 years. This lawsuit is a fight for justice for thousands of employees nationwide who claim to have been shortchanged by their employer.

Lawmakers are attempting to crack down on wage theft by introducing legislation that would ramp up penalties for employers who short change their workers and make it easier for employees to recoup what they’re owed. While the bill, called the Wage Theft Prevention and Wage Recovery Act, is popular among Democrats, it’s unlikely to gain traction in the GOP controlled Congress. For now, the courts are the only avenue for Go Wireless workers to stand up for stronger protections and to seek justice on behalf of employees who were never paid what was truly owed to them.

A consumer class action is a lawsuit in state or federal court that is brought by one individual, or a few individuals, on behalf of a larger class of people similarly situated. Typically it seeks damages on behalf of the named persons bringing the suit as well as the members of the “class.” Class action claims can involve mass disasters, consumer product defects and failure, or even violations of state consumer protection laws.

The attorneys at Kabateck LLP have honed their specialized skills in handling class action litigation for several decades. Whether the suit is for a inoperative medical device, a deceptively designed printer cartridge, or an improper accounting at the bank, our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of clients in class action or similar representative actions.