Sexual Assault by USC’s Dr. George Tyndall​

Have you or a loved one been abused by USC’s Dr. George Tyndall?

  • Hundreds of women have come forward and filed civil lawsuits against the University of Southern California (“USC”) based on alleged sexual misconduct of Dr. George Tyndall.
  • Countless photos of naked women found in Dr. Tyndall’s rental storage unit including photos of unclothed women in what appears to be a medical exam room.
  • Tyndall saw thousands of patients during his nearly 30-year career at USC.

KBK is seeking justice for several of Tyndall’s former patients. If you were a patient of Dr. Tyndall, you may have a case.  Fill out our Consultation Form for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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Sexual assault, abuse, and harassment by USC’s Dr. George Tynadall

Hundreds of patients of Dr. Tyndall have alleged he engaged in behavior with patients constituting sexual assault, abuse, or harassment, including:

  • Photographing patients’ genitals
  • Making inappropriate comments or remarks about patients’ bodies, sexual activities, ethnicity and religious beliefs
  • Requiring patients to submit to nude “full body” exams
  • Inappropriately “probing” patients with fingers during exams
  • Inappropriately touching or fondling patients’ genitals or bodies during exams
  • Other behaviors that fall outside the expected standard of care for gynecologists

Currently, the full extent of Dr. Tyndall’s alleged misconduct is unknown. Accordingly, women who were patients of Dr. Tyndall at any time may be a victim and may have a case.​

USC Proposed Settlement Rejected by Judge as “Inadequate”

On February 12th, USC filed a proposed settlement intended to restrict recovery for victims and limit further investigation into Tyndall’s abuse. The proposed $215 million settlement attempted to rectify nearly 30 years of wrongdoing and address the claims of over 15,000 possible victims. Many would have only received a mere $2,500 for their suffering. To make matters worse, as part of the settlement, Tyndall would have maintained his claim that he has not engaged in any abusive or illegal behavior.

Victim’s of Dr. Tyndall’s abuse deserve just compensation. If you were a patient of Dr. Tyndall, you may have a case. Fill out our Consultation Form for a free and confidential case evaluation.




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Proven Track Record of Recovery for Victims

KBK is dedicated to maximizing recovery.  We have recovered over One Billion Dollars for injured and abused plaintiffs.  KBK has experience fighting for and obtaining justice for women and children who have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of perpetrators permitted to flourish while public institutions turned a blind eye to their suffering. Most recently, KBK obtained a $6.8 Million settlement from a K-8 school that turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of several boys by their teacher.

Your Justice Team

The KBK team is our most valuable resource and the reason for our success.  The KBK legal team has made a significant impact in the legal community that has resulted in better consumer protections in the areas of sexual abuse personal injury, insurance bad faith, pharmaceutical litigation, wrongful death, class action, mass torts and disaster litigation. KBK is a full-service contingent fee law firm that values every case equally and is committed to maximizing recovery.


Brian Kabateck, Managing Partner

As a nationally recognized and respected trial attorney and Founding and Managing Partner of KBK, Brian Kabateck fights to ensure access to the justice system for those who have been victimized.

Brian’s vigorous litigation on behalf of his clients has netted more than a billion dollars in recoveries. He has won many multi-million-dollar verdicts, judgments and settlements in the areas of sexual abuse, personal injury, insurance bad faith, pharmaceutical litigation, wrongful death, class action, mass torts and disaster litigation.

Because of his deep knowledge of the law and dynamic speaking style, Brian is a frequent analyst for national, local and legal media outlets. He makes regular appearances on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and CW stations. In addition to his television exposure, Brian often speaks at seminars, law schools and industry events.


Anastasia Mazzella, Partner

Anastasia is a seasoned litigator who has researched, drafted and successfully argued over one hundred motions and briefs in both state and federal courts and in a variety of areas. Anastasia uses her keen trial advocacy skills to promote and protect the rights of victims and women.

Anastasia’s extensive experience in complex litigation has allowed her to successfully resolve hundreds of matters during her career leading to the recovery of millions of dollars for injured plaintiffs and survivors of sexual abuse.  Prior to joining KBK, Anastasia served as a judicial extern for the Honorable S. James Otero of the United States District Court during law school and as Editor in Chief of the Loyola Law Review.

A Local Law Firm You Can Trust

When hiring KBK, you get the invaluable benefit of local experience and expertise. Notably, Brian Kabateck has successfully litigated or tried several cases before Superior Court Judge Carolyn Kuhl who has been assigned to manage all civil lawsuits filed by Dr. George Tyndall’s victims.

Brian and Anastasia’s advocacy for their clients is well known in and out of California courtrooms. As California trial attorneys, the attorneys at KBK are familiar with local court rules, written and unwritten. Anastasia and Brian practice in California state courts as well as all districts of the United States District Court in California and Brian has argued cases before the California State Supreme Court, California Court of Appeal, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Sexual Abuse: A Civil Cause of Action

While Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Harassment can lead to criminal prosecution, a civil lawsuit is the only way that sexual abuse victims can recover monetary damages for the emotional and psychological harm they’ve suffered.

A civil lawsuit can enact change, provide remedies and protects the private rights of victims. Although a lawsuit can’t undo the harm done, it allows victims to obtain compensation for damages which can pay for medical or therapy bills, lost wages, loss of enjoyment in life, and provide a sense of vindication that can help assist with recovery and healing.

If you, a family member or friend were subjected to sexual assault, abuse, or harassment by USC’s Dr. George Tyndall, we can help you achieve the maximum compensation for the harm done.


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