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Data Breaches Are a Growing Legal Threat for Healthcare Industry

Written on Behalf of Brian S. Kabateck August 4, 2017 The medical community is reeling from a rash of cyberattacks involving extensive data breaches that compromise the privacy of patients. According to the Government Accountability Office, healthcare data breaches are growing exponentially, affecting millions of Americans who have had their

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Medical Malpractice Current Cases

Sanchez v. Riverside County Regional Medical Center, et al. This is a medical malpractice case involving a 5 year old girl who suffers from severe developmental delay and cerebral palsy.  At Birth baby Sanchez was diagnosed with jaundice.  The condition when untreated and led to a buildup of bilirubin in

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Dangerous Drugs Current Cases

Mirena® IUD Kabateck LLP represents clients who have suffered from internal injuries due to the Mirena® IUD. It’s estimated there are 3,000 lawsuits filed against Bayer involving the Mirena® IUD, which are consolidated in the MDL (multi-district litigation) in New York currently making their way through courts across the country,

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