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BONUS CONTENT: Discussion with Harry Chamberlain II

BONUS CONTENT: Discussion with Harry Chamberlain II

Brian and Shant sit down with appellate attorney Harry Chamberlain to discuss the origins of the of the Anti-SLAPP statute, protecting the free speech of lawyers, and tips for preserving a good record for appeal.  Harry is certified as an Appellate Specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, handling hundreds of appeals across the country, including numerous cases before California Supreme Court such as Rubin v. Green (absolute litigation privilege), Jarrow Formulas v. LaMarche (First Amendment protections under the anti-SLAPP statute), Temple Hospital and Cedars Sinai Medical Center v. Superior Court (the “spoliation” cases) and Lee v.Hanley (defining a lawyer’s “professional services” for purposes of the one-year statute of limitation).