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Armenian Genocide – $20M

Kabateck LLP was co-lead counsel in historic litigation that resulted in tens of millions of dollars for families of victims of the Armenian Genocide. The Marootian v. New York Life Insurance Company (Case No. CV99-12073 CAS, United States District Court, Central District of Los Angeles) class action is the oldest resolved case in U.S. history: 90 years passed between the original events and the $20 million settlement. It is also the first recorded case addressing issues involving the Armenian Genocide. In a subsequent class action, Kyurkjian v. Axa (Case No. CV02-01750 CAS, United States District Court, Central District of Los Angeles), a $17.5 million settlement was secured against French insurance giant, Axa S.A. In each of these class actions, the insurers were made to fulfill their long overdue obligations to the heirs of the victims of the Genocide. Kabateck LLP is currently prosecuting claims on behalf of heirs of the Armenian Genocide arising from bank deposits and other assets held by Deutsche Bank, as well as insurance claims against Victoria Versicherung AG insurance company.
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