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$2 Million Settlement for Insurance Bad Faith and Personal Injury Case

Our client, Marcos Rodriguez worked as a laborer for an appliance delivery company when he sustained severe orthopedic injuries and a mild brain injury after a refrigerator that he was unloading fell on top of him. When Mr. Rodriguez sought coverage for his treatment through workers’ compensation, the delivery company said that he was not considered an employee and that workers’ comp would not cover his injuries. Instead, the delivery company told Mr. Rodriguez to seek coverage through his occupational hazard insurance policy. However, that insurance company also denied coverage by claiming that Mr. Rodriguez is an employee. Our firm sued the insurance carrier for insurance bad faith. We also sued the delivery company for personal injury. Mr. Rodriguez sustained injuries to his face, shoulder, and knees in the accident. The head trauma from the impact also caused a mild traumatic brain injury. He went from being the sole provider of his lovely family to being totally dependent on his kids for financial and other support. He also suffered psychological injuries as a result of this terrible accident and the insurer’s subsequent bad faith. Between the two defendants, the case settled for $2 million.