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$2.4 million settlement for women discriminated against by International Window Corporation during application for employment process

A class action lawsuit was filed against Labor Ready, Inc., International Aluminum Corporation, and International Window Corporation, on behalf of women who applied for employment at the South Gate facility of International Window Corporation. The lawsuit settled for $2.4 million, the settlement provided $15,000.00 for each named plaintiff who sought work at Labor Ready’s South Gate, California location during a strike period. Other named plaintiffs received $6,000 each for the settlement of their claims; and all non-named class members who sought work at Labor Ready’s South Gate location during the strike period were paid $3,000 for the settlement of their claims. The lawsuit arose from a contract authorizing Labor Ready to supply temporary workers to replace striking workers at International Window Corporation’s South Gate facility. The lawsuit alleged that Labor Ready discriminated against women at International Window Corporation’s request to only hire men, in violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act and the California Constitution.
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