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Oct 16

Insurance Bad Faith Current Cases

Marrufo vs. Interinsurance Exchange of Automobile Club (AAA)

This class action arises out of AAA’s unlawful conduct of imposing a five-thousand-dollar sublimit for claims involving “any smoke, soot, ash, char, odor, dust, particulate or other material that is produced, discharged, emitted or released by, or otherwise caused by or resulting from a wildfire.” The lawsuit claims that the defendant’s “Wildfire Smoke Sublimit” is unenforceable because it intends to reduce the coverage limits available to its insurance customers and fails to meet minimum requirements for fire damage and violates the Insurance Code. The class includes all California consumers who are insured by AAA under an exchange policy that includes the Wildfire Smoke Endorsement.

Randall L. Souden v. PacifiCare Life and Health Insurance Company

Our firm filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of a man whose domestic partner died as a result of the lack of care caused by an insurance denial by PacifiCare Life and Health Insurance Company.  The lawsuit alleges the insurance giant wrongfully and in bad faith terminated health insurance benefits to a man living with AIDS. PacifiCare terminated payments for the man’s medical insurance while he was in need of continued care to treat his medical conditions. The company attempted to rescind the man’s benefits while it still collected premiums on his insurance policy. The man and his partner successfully fought PacifiCare in a Missouri court which ultimately found that PacifiCare’s claims were baseless. However, PacifiCare had interfered with the AIDS patient’s care resulting in the worsening of his medical condition and ultimately in his death. The firm filed the lawsuit on behalf of the man’s surviving partner.

Rodriguez vs. Exel Direct, Zurich American Insurance

Our firm represents a Los Angeles truck driver who was badly injured on the job while working for Exel Direct. Exel Direct conspired with Zurich American Insurance to force our client to buy an accident insurance policy, in lieu of Exel providing insurance for its drivers.

When the plaintiff suffered extensive neurological and orthopedic injuries after a refrigerator fell on his head, Zurich Insurance refused to investigate or pay his claim. Because our client is misclassified as an independent contractor, he is not receiving workers’ compensation benefits either.

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