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Aug 12

Fundraising Battle Heats up in Fight over Prop 46

Daily Journal

Brian Kabateck was quoted in an Aug. 11 article in the Daily Journal about Proposition 46, a measure on the ballot to raise the cap on damages in medical malpractice lawsuits. The article noted that opponents of the measure had released an ad on YouTube attacking the initiative and had raised more than $58 million to fight it.

Kabateck, immediate past president of the Consumer Attorneys of California, which is backing the initiative, told the paper that supporters still expect to raise an additional $8 to $10 million. He said the fundraising drive might have been slowed because many likely donors have been on vacation the past month.

“It is remarkable how many people are gone,” he said. “We’re working to get people engaged – even out of state – because it is an issue of national importance.”

He also told the paper he was confident that more donations were on the coming because of earlier promises many lawyers made to donate.

“We have more in the way of commitments than we have in the bank,” he said.