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Civil Action Podcast

Kabateck LLP presents Civil Action with California trial lawyers Brian and Shant. Join us as hosts Brian Kabateck and Shant Karnikian analyze legal issues and developments in California law affecting plaintiff lawyers and their practices. The show presents a summary of recent appellate decisions affecting all area of plaintiff-side civil litigation, from personal injury to employment, from landmark cases to changes in procedure. This weekly series keeps you informed on a variety of hot legal topics from throughout the state. This is Civil Action.

Episode 1:

  • Brian and Shant discuss trends in enforcing arbitration clauses, blowing deadlines to challenge a judge, importance of an expert declaration when opposing a MSJ, federal preemption in false advertising claims against drug manufacturers, and construction defect class actions.
    • Goonewardene v. ADP, LLC (2019) 6 Ca.5th 817: Employer can enforce an arbitration agreement between an employee and a staffing agency.
    • Sunrise Financial v. Superior Court (2019) 32 Cal.App.5th 144: Section 170.6 challenge was untimely because defendants filed the challenge more than 15 days after they made an appearance in the action by filing an opposition to the section 403 transfer/consolidation motion in Judge Wohlfeil’s department.
    • Fernandez v. Alexander (2019) 31 Cal.App.5th 770:. Court of Appeal found the declaration by a patient’s expert did not opine on issue of whether recommendation of cast rather than surgery caused increase to patient’s wrist injury, and thus did not create genuine issue of fact as to causation.


Episode 2:

  • Brian and Shant discuss equitable tolling of class actions, piece rate work and meal breaks, trends in application of forum selection clauses, timeliness in seeking disqualification of lawyers, and attorney fees in settlement of PAGA actions.


Episode 3:

  • Brian and Shant discuss cy pres in class action settlements, obtaining a default judgment in a PAGA case, expert declarations in malpractice cases, disqualification of lawyers in a partnership dispute, insurance coverage when insured fails to pay self-insured retention, and liability of a national fraternity for injuries sustained by a plaintiff at a local party.


Episode 4:

  • Brian and Shant discuss the application of SCOTUS’s ruling in Epic Systems in PAGA cases, requirements for an order denying class certification, Religious Organization Exemption in employment discrimination cases, relief under CCP 473b, the lack of requirement of special relationship in elder abuse cases, and deadlines for seeking removal of a case to federal court.


Episode 5:

  • Brian and Shant discuss serving complaints on foreign governments, dealing with injuries sustained while working for a subcontractor, immunities of a school district, deadlines for giving notice of a medical malpractice claim, arbitration in interstate trucking, and TCPA claims.


Episode 6:

  • Brian and Shant discuss juror misconduct and the collateral source rule, forum selection clauses, employment contracts, and a new statute that’s favorable to plaintiffs, two issues of first impressions regarding the five year rule in a “death knell” doctrine, uninsured motorist coverage in the context of an umbrella policy, and PAGA & claim splitting.