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Lender liability

Lender liability is the area of law that protects a borrower against a lender when the lender has failed to fulfill all of its obligations under the loan agreement. At Kabateck LLP, we have handled numerous lawsuits against financial institutions alleging violations of the law.

Financial institutions may be liable for a great many unlawful practices. One of the most common violations of the past decade involved the mortgage crises that peaked around 2008. Banks were endorsing and sometimes “robo signing” mortgages without even looking at qualifications of the borrower. This led to many borrowers who could not afford their payments falling victim to aggressive debt collection practices from the banks. Many consumer fell into bankruptcy and lost their homes. The attorneys at Kabateck LLP have helped hundreds of consumers get back on their feet during or even after these unlawful practices by the financial institutions.

If you or a loved one believes to have been the victim of a lender’s unlawful practices, or if you wish to learn more about your rights in this area of the law, give us a call today. An experienced attorney at Kabateck LLP can help you explore all of your options and ultimately achieve for you the maximum compensation for your harm.

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