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Consumer class action

The attorneys at Kabateck LLP have specialized in class action litigation for decades. Whether the suit is for a inoperative medical device, a deceptively designed printer cartridge, or an improper accounting at the bank, our attorneys have effectively represented thousands of clients in class action or similar representative actions.

In a class action, a select group of representatives are permitted to bring an aggregated set of claims on behalf of large groups of consumers – the class – to effectively vindicate the rights of the entire class in an efficient and sound manner. There are many advantages to a class action lawsuit, including efficiency, limiting litigations funds, and creating a single court decision for defendants. Moreover, oftentimes, when a consumer has a relatively small claim, they will sometimes completely forgo their chance to vindicate their right. Class actions can help these consumers unite with others and resolve their disputes effectively.

As an institution, class actions are a powerful force for good. They are often used to change a whole industry behavior for the better. For example, by bringing a successful class action against big insurance companies and banks, those institutions will be encouraged to change their behaviors and practices for the better, so as to avoid future large litigation. This is important for consumers.

If you believe you have you and many others like you have been somehow injured, cheated, or otherwise harmed, or you believe you belong in an already-existing class, give us a call and let us help you protect your rights. At Kabateck LLP, we can help you explore all of your options and ultimately achieve for you the maximum compensation for your harm.

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