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Boeing Flight 610 Plane Crash

Lawsuit against Boeing to be filed in the United States

On October 29, 2018, 189 people died when their plane, a Boeing 737 Max 8, nosedived into the Java Sea right after takeoff. The horrific crash took the lives of all on board and is still under investigation.

Investigators have broadened their search into whether problems with the Boeing 737 Max caused the crash. Investigators are examining whether the plane’s nosedive into the Java Sea was caused by an issue with the plane’s stall-prevention system that pilots were unaware of the time of the crash. While the crash is still under investigation, early indicators reveal that Boeing may be responsible this horrendous loss of life.

KBK is working in partnership with co-counsel Sanjiv Singh, Esq to promote justice for the families and victims of Flight 610 by filing suit in the United States. If you have been impacted by the Lion Air Flight 610 crash, the attorneys at KBK are here to help.

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Numerous news articles report each day that Boeing has been directly implicated in the crash of Lion Air Flight 610.  Specifically, one source stated: “Workers on an oil platform near where the airline slammed into the water report that it struck at a steep, nose-down angle. That’s significant, because a week after the crash, Boeing distributed a warning to airlines worldwide that a new anti-stall system on the 737 MAX 8 and 737 MAX 9 could cause the aircraft’s nose to suddenly drop, resulting in a steep dive. This can occur even when the aircraft is under manual control and when pilots don’t expect the flight computer to override their actions.”  The Wall Street Journal reported that “Boeing Co. withheld information about potential hazards associated with a new flight-control feature suspected of playing a role in last month’s fatal Lion Air jet crash, according to safety experts involved in the investigation, as well as midlevel FAA officials and airline pilots.”

At least one family has already filed suit against Boeing based on Boeing’s failure to advise pilots and airlines of a new Boeing 737 Max 8 feature that causes the plane to automatically nose dive in certain circumstances. If you or someone you know has been affected by this tragedy, the most effective means of holding Boeing accountable is by filing a lawsuit. KBK is here to help.

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The KBK justice team is committed to holding those who contributed to this horrific loss of life accountable by filing suit in the United States.  If you have been impacted by the Lion Air Flight 610 crash, the attorneys at KBK are here to help.