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Aug 16

Invasion of Privacy Current Cases

Zim Rogers vs.

KBK filed a class action lawsuit against the website for privacy violation because of the website’s Internet extortion scheme. The website posted peoples’ mug shots then charged them to have their photos removed from the site to make money. Many of these victims have lost jobs, had trouble renting apartments and face ridicule for having their photos associated with a crime they never committed. California just passed a law in January making this online shakedown illegal. The litigation prompted state lawmakers to draft a Senate Bill that passed and became law in 2014.


Jared Pastor vs. Yahoo! Inc.

Our firm has joined other leading attorneys to initiate a class action lawsuit in Orange County against Yahoo Inc. on behalf of consumers impacted by one of the largest data breaches in history. Yahoo announced in September 2016 that two years earlier, in late 2014, a “state sponsored actor” infiltrated the company’s database and stole the personal information of millions of its users. The stolen information includes full names, passwords, phone numbers and even hints to passwords. Forged cookies were used to hack into Yahoo’s propriety code, allowing thieves to put the data up for sale. Yahoo failed to identify, implement, maintain and appropriately monitor its data security measures. The lawsuit claims the plaintiffs’ personal information was improperly handled and stored, and Yahoo did not have sufficient encryption, which allowed data thieves to easily steal private identifiable information.

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